WAMMCO's Mission

To be a strong and successful  producer owned and controlled meat co-operative; maintaining its long term viability whilst maximising benefits to active members.

WAMMCO's Vision

To secure the loyalty and support of every stakeholder by exceeding their expectations.


In achieving our vision we shall adhere to the following core values and principles:

OUR CUSTOMERS: Nurturing long-term alliances by understanding and fulfilling the needs of each individual customer.

OUR EMPLOYEES: Providing secure, rewarding and satisfying employment, adequately recognising the unique contribution of every employee.

OUR SUPPLIERS OF LIVESTOCK, GOODS AND SERVICES: Establishing profitable relationships that deliver competitive prices for products meeting agreed specifications.

OUR ACTIVE MEMBERS: Continually adding value.

OUR CO-OPERATIVE: Maintaining member ownership, democratic control and participation to bring the unique "co-operative difference" to our business.

OUR COMMUNITY: Ensuring we are a good corporate citizen that acts fairly and fulfills its legal, moral and social obligations in a responsible manner.

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