By Products

All by-products are produced by WAMMCO on site at our Katanning Abattoir. The advantage of having the processing plant on site is that the rendering processes start immediately after the raw product has been discarded. This also enables WAMMCO to control the quality of the products that are produced.

The range of byproducts produced are:

Tallow WAMMCO produces a rating of good standard tallow (GST), which is commonly used in the manufacture of soaps, laundry detergents and cosmetics.
Blood Meal Bloodmeal is produced with a protein level of 85% and most commonly used in the pet food and fertilizer industry.
Meat and Bone Meal WAMMCO produce both quality ovine and general meat and bone meal with a minimum protein of 50%. These products are used by other manufacturers in the pet food, poultry and aquaculture industries.