In a unique corner of the southern hemisphere, thousands of kilometers away from the world's major heavy industrial areas lies Western Australia.

It is a land of unspoiled beauty, famous for its vast open spaces, rich farmlands, abundant sunshine and predictable rains. For many years, Western Australia has been strengthening its reputation for growing some of the world's finest quality lambs. Our product is acclaimed for being naturally and humanely raised and free of disease and chemicals.

Key Attributes of Western Australian Lamb

  • All production is free range and naturally produced.
  • Our quality management systems ensure that all products are hygienic and safe.
  • Our lamb is always of the highest eating quality.
  • With a flock of 14 million sheep we can supply large volumes.
  • We can supply prime lamb twelve months of the year from a production area that spans over 2.5 million square kilometres.
  • We supply our international customers with an extensive range of products - chilled or frozen, by air or sea. 

Western Australia — Naturally Better 

Western Australia is blessed with the finest natural farmlands, highly competent producers and a processing industry that ranks alongside the very best in the world.